About us

About fx merchants

Founded in 2011, Fx Merchants is a private investment firm whose sole aim is to create residual/ passive income through different investment opportunities in the financial market.
Fx Merchants is a leading specialist in online trading, we provide direct access to the global financial markets in addition to innovative trading technologies to worldwide institutional and retail clients
At Fx Merchants we help take our investors a step further to financial stability, we trade accounts for our investors and help them take maximum advantage of the financial market with our top ,masterclass strategy and good management..
Fx Merchants is licensed and registered globally, we are registered under the companies house UK.
Our experienced trading personnel are well acquainted with the nature of the market with true expertise and commitment to ensuring turnover on investments.. at Fx Merchants we offer you an opportunity to put your money in a position where it will work for you.


We offer first class financial services in anticipation of the needs of institutional and individual investors in forex, equities, cryptocurrencies and indices .
We trade in investment portfolios.



The vision of the company is to be a first-rate trustee leader in delivering innovative financial services in anticipation of the needs of institutional and individual investors.for us at FX Merchants building a relationship of trust between our companies and our investors is of paramount importance because our clients success and satisfaction is ultimately the best advertising there is.transparency and fair trading are our key commitments to our clients. These principles govern all our investment decisions and are at the very heart of our organization.