From time to time, the term cryptocurrency has grabbed a spot in multiple news outlets with experts suggesting that it is the future of holding money in the digital era. Simply put, cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual currency which applies mathematical principles to secure and verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies is a dawn of a new economy which offers a unique way of storing and spending money anonymously. That implies the absence of the intervention from the central bank or any financial institution. FX Merchants aims to enhance your trading performance by providing you with incredible crypto trading signals to ensure your continued growth. 

The technology used in cryptocurrency is relatively new, and very soon, financial institutions are likely to incorporate the procedure when conducting their financial transactions. This digital cash system has provoked fascination even in FX Merchants which has embraced it accordingly to help conduct transactions. One fantastic thing about cryptocurrency is that records kept are not susceptible to exploitation mainly from hackers. All transactions get recorded in a digital public ledger called the blockchain which cannot be changed once verified. Fx Merchants.

7 btc - 50 btc
ROI: 10%
Commission: 5%
50 btc - 500 btc
ROI: 12%
Commission: 5%
500 BTC + BTC
ROI: 15%
Commission: 3%